Basic income has become the subject of a lively and controversial debate in politics, civil society and academia. By questioning the fundamental assumptions of our social interaction, it challenges us to redefine the way we want to live together. This year’s FRIBIS’ annual conference will be taking a closer look at the relationship between basic income and development ideas and the potential they hold for the challenges of both the present and the future. 

FRIBIS is particularly – but by no means exclusively – looking forward to contributions that deal with the following topics:

• Ecologically sustainable development: What role can a UBI play in improving people’s economic living conditions while protecting the environment?
• Development cooperation and social justice: Could the function of a basic income be to render development cooperation more efficient, increasing equal opportunities and promoting redistribution from top to bottom?
• Basic income in (post-)conflict regions: What impact could the introduction of a UBI have in regions branded by resource conflicts and power struggles? Can a UBI support societies in their development towards more resilience and social peace?
• Proposals beyond the conference’s focus on development are also welcome.

The deadline for the call for papers, workshops, and student participation is May 31, 2022. Full details are available at the conference website.

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