Topic: ‘Uniformity’ as a Characteristic of Basic Income: 1pm GMT (2pm London), 26th Tuesday April 2022

As it stands, BIEN’s definition of BI permits discrimination on the basis of gender, race and creed. The addition of a new characteristic ‘uniform’ could lead to large household economies of scale. ‘Uniform (except by age)’ could legitimize the exclusion of some age groups from a BI program. Annie Miller, co-founder of BIEN and co-chair of CBID, will give a short presentation, and open discussion will follow.

The forum will be held via zoom. All are welcome. For the link to zoom, please send email to:

The “Clarification of the Basic Income’s Definition” (CBID) working group is an official working group of BIEN established by the BIEN General Assembly 2019 held in Hyderabad, India. The 1st and 2nd open forums were held during BIEN Congress 2021 in Glasgow and the 3rd open forum was held in October 2021