The UBIEXP research group,  from the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society, together with the Portuguese Basic Income association, invite submissions for the international essay prize competition on the following topic:

Unconditional Basic Income in Portugal: How Can We Afford It?

The moral objections to UBI and how it could re-shape a society grounded on work are some of the most puzzling but also most important discussions on the topic. However, they are often side-lined with an important instrumental discussion: can we afford an Unconditional Basic Income? Some microsimulations have been conducted, discussing possible cost structures in the UK (Widerquist & Arndt, 2020), and only one study has been conducted for the Portuguese case (Teixeira, 2019). This essay competition aims to fill this gap, and contribute with additional possibilities to answer the question of whether an Unconditional Basic Income is feasible in Portugal or not.

The organizers welcome submissions that focus on discussing possible scenarios for implementing an Unconditional Basic Income, and how much can those scenarios cost (net and gross). They will value submissions who also look into the possible funding strategies, and incorporate them in the analysis.

Deadline for receiving the essays: April 25 2022.

Contributions may be sent as email attachments in word format to: 
The winner of the best essay will receive €750 and the essay will be published in the journal Ethics, Politics & Society

  • The journal EPS welcomes essays of 8,000 words or fewer addressing this topic.
  • The essays must be written in English.
  • All submissions should be headed “Unconditional Basic Income Prize Essay Competition 2022” (with the author’s name and address given in the e-mail, but NOT in the essay itself).
  • Submissions are blind reviewed.

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