As no General Assembly could be held this year, as many of the General Assembly functions as possible were conducted by postal ballot.

Executive Committee and other elections

None of the Executive Committee or other posts due for election had more than one candidate standing, and all of the candidates were approved by confirmatory ballots. The Executive Committee and other posts for 2020-21 can be found here.

Resolutions were passed as follows:

Annual accounts and reports were received;

A new internal rule relating to the international Advisory Board was passed (the rule requires the Executive Committee to administer and convene a meeting of the Board if it calls the meeting, and requires the Chair to administer and convene the meeting if the Chair calls it);

The Executive Committee was asked to explore with the Charity Commission whether General Assemblies can be held online in the future if required;

Three options were proposed for the frequency of BIEN congresses: annually; once every two years; and once every two years with regional conference during the intervening years. The decision was for congresses to be held annually.

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