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Basic income: Exit strategy or exit trap?

A new article (“Exit strategy or exit trap? Basic income and the ‘power to say no’ in the age of precarious employment“) has been published by Simon Birnbaum and Jurgen De Wispelaere, analysing the “power to say no” argument as a support for basic income policies. The researchers show that this argument may be flawed, given what they consider a realistic analysis of the present-day labor market.

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  • Dawn Underwood

    It is clear that the author is a data geek. I like the way he writes and writes facts.
    It is always such a pleasure to read articles made by real professionals, like I’m fed up with all that no-name, ghostwritten articles.
    That’s why it was so nice to take a look at a persuasive piece.
    I see the author has ground knowledge it the topic as well as
    some practical experience. Such kind of information is always more
    valuable than copypasted blog posts ideas.

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