United Kingdom: The Center for Welfare Reform publishes statement of support


The Centre for Welfare Reform, a citizen think tank formed in 2009 and based in Sheffield, has published a statment in support of basic income. It can be read in this kind of manifesto:

Over the past few decades there have been successful pilots of UBI in many other countries and there’s growing grassroots support for testing the idea and for exploring many of the practical questions that need to be resolved to make UBI work for everyone. In our view, now is the time to pilot UBI in the United Kingdom.

Signing this community support for basic income and its experimentation on British soil are, among others, longtime basic income advocates and researchers, such as Jamie Cooke, Jurgen De Wispelaere, Malcolm Henry, Becca Kirkpatrick, Barb Jacobson and Guy Standing.

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  • Basic Income had its best chance in a generation, but Labour lost on 12 December 2019, so lost for any forseeable future.

    Grey Swans is a new group, emerged out of the 1950s pension campaigning groups, to campaign for daily soup kitchens in every village, town and big city suburb, by provision between all churches and all religions. To feed the starving poor in or out of work and poorest pensioners.

    Welfare reform now means abolition with such a huge majority Tory government. Pensioner benefits are ever reducing, re such as pension credit and pension age rise, with the inevitable rise now to the 1960s born, who are turning 60 in 2020 onwards, of pension age 70 going on 75, which means early works pension age rising to 65.

    Especially men members to get a society that feed all who go hungry, as foodbanks needing referrals for just 3 days worth of food, will not now be enough.

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