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Chile: International Colloquium – Universal Basic Income: A new perspective for Latin America?

The Law School at the Universidad Austral de Chile (Sede Puerto Montt) is hosting an international colloquium on “La Renta Basica Universal ¿un nuevo enfoque para Latinoamérica?” (Universal Basic Income: A new perspective for Latin America?) on the 30th October 2019.
Featuring participants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay, the workshop provides an overview of how the basic income debate is developing in different countries in the region. Participants will also reflect on what (if anything) makes for a distinctive Latin American perspective on universal basic income, and discuss how recent developments in the region affect prospects for introducing it. The colloquium coincides with a legislative proposal for a basic income in Chile, to be introduced by Giorgio Jackson, Member of the Chilean Parliament for Revolución Democrática.
The colloquium is organised by Leticia Morales (Associate Professor of Law, UACH, Chile) and Rubén Lo Vuolo (Director CIEPP, Argentina).
Confirmed participants include:
* Julio Leonidas Aguirre (Argentina)
* José Miguel Busquets (Uruguay)
* Gabriela Cabaña (Chile)
* Paola Carvalho (Brasil)
* Leandro Ferreira (Brasil)
* Giorgio Jackson (Chile)
* Julio Linares (Guatemala)
* Rubén Lo Vuolo (Argentina)
* Ricardo Marquisio (Uruguay)
* Leticia Morales (Chile)
* Carolina Pérez Dattari (Chile)
* Corina Rodríguez Enríquez (Argentina)
* Pablo Yanes (México)
For information and registration, visit the colloquium website or contact Leticia Morales (

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