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New book: “The Future of Work, Technology, and Basic Income”

In this new book, work, technology and society are discussed through a series of view points, given by several authors (e.g.: Matt Zwolinski, Michael Cholbi, Andrea Veltman, Evelyn Forget, among others). Universal Basic Income is a policy described at the center of this crucial societal challenge, analyzed by the authors in its wide implications. Michael Cholbi and Michael Weber are the editors.


In the summary it can be read:

Technological advances in computerization and robotics threaten to eliminate countless jobs from the labor market in the near future. These advances have reignited the debate about universal basic income. The essays in this collection offer unique and compelling perspectives on the ever-changing nature of work and the plausibility of a universal basic income to address the elimination of jobs from the workforce. The essays address a number of topics related to these issues, including the prospects of libertarian and anarchist justifications for a universal basic income, the positive impact of a basic income on intimate laborers such as sex workers and surrogates, the nature of “bad work” and who will do it if everyone receives a basic income, whether a universal basic income is objectionably paternalistic, and viable alternatives to a universal basic income. This book raises complex questions and avenues for future research about universal basic income and the future of work in our increasingly technological society. It will be of keen interest to graduate students and scholars in political philosophy, economics, political science, and public policy who are interested in these debates.

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  • John Helmeke

    I’m just repeating in the paragraph below this what I read above in my own words that I posted on Facebook for this webpage for the book. I completely agree with André Coelho and his being “for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”:

    The book discusses advances in computer and robot technology and the threat to put countless people out of work in the near future (let alone the distant future or something in between), while at the time economic productivity skyrockets. (Hmmm, perhaps Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels weren’t so wrong in predicting in their book, “The German Ideology” (NOT the “Communist Manifesto”) a global economy utterly advanced and bursting with productivity of wealth but all of it going to a very few at the top while most people are left behind leading suddenly to a global revolution and the complete collapse of capitalism as people decide they want something else instead of that. It takes a look at libertarian (capitalist) and anarchist perspectives on Universal Basic Income (UBI). It also asks what happens to the “dirty” jobs nobody wants to do anyway if nobody has to work anymore. (Perhaps capitalism will have to pay workers a lot, lot more to do them and have to be nice to workers in order to keep them.)

  • Bernard Kirkham

    The potential good future is clear to see, but only in terms of possibilities. In Europe and America, masses of people are still trapped in narrow nationalism, the holders of wealth still broadly write the accepted ideological script, and have the levers of power.
    The world is in for a bumpy ride, and those on the Left need to be aware of this and prepare for it. How I do not clearly see.

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