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International: Questions & Answers on UBI, with Peter Knight (video)

Peter Knight, collaborator at the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics, and founder (and main coordinator) of the Sufficiency4Sustainability Network, has been contacted by the Universal Basic Income (UBI) Taipei Conference (link), and produced a video (below), with insights on his experience and expertise on the issue of UBI. The Conference took place on the 16th of March 2019.

More information at:

Tyler Prochazka, “UBI Taiwan to discuss ‘key trends’ at international summit”, Basic Income News, March 7th 2019

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  • Duncan Nyumbah Nyanjon'g

    I am in Kenya would like to join and coordinate BIEN Earth Network in my Country and/or Continent Africa.May i kindly be maistreamed. I look forward to a positive and timely response.Thanks in advance

    • Andre Coelho

      Dear Duncan,

      Please write to Malcolm Torry (, and he’ll direct you to the person responsible for that issue.

      Thanks for your initiative.

      Best regards,

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