United States: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: uncompromising, intelligent and courageously, she is driving progressive values in the US like we haven’t seen in a long time

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cartoon. Picture credit to: Folding Hamster.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) “keeps kicking ass”, as put by Nathan Robinson, editor-in-chief of the Current Affairs magazine. Unlike other young left-wing politicians in the past, who end up conforming and moderating their views on important political issues, according to (Democratic) Party Elders’ advices, AOC keeps a sharp edge, which has already won her the name “radical”. Instead of falling into meekness or fright, she has actually embraced the nickname, by stating that “I think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country.” And she gives examples: Abraham Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation signature, Franklin Roosevelt with the first Social Security program. Among others, for sure.

According to some, then, AOC has been pushing nothing but “radical” ideas, ever since she was elected as an MP in Congress, last November. She starred the presentation of a Resolution which outlined the very ambitious “Green New Deal”, allowing the United States to meet its environmental duties as far as energy use and production are concerned. Using that same document, she has been also advocating for nothing less than the end of gender and class divisions in the American society, along with the abolition of poverty. Moreover, she has mentioned that the pursuit of basic income will probably be a part of a real progressive agenda for the country.

Not happy with that, and because “she doesn’t take crap”, AOC went on to defend that taxes should be raised to as much as 70% for the ultra-rich. Naturally that this proposal was met with horror by many right-wing politicians, but it seems that, actually, the proposal is sensible and is backed by 59% of Americans (recent poll by The Hill-HarrisX). This apparently “radical” proposal is also supported by mainstream economists like Paul Krugman, plus a surprising 45% of Republicans (71% of Democrats support it). AOC hasn’t found these survey results surprising, since she recognizes that “What we see, overall, is that the vast majority of Americans know that income inequality is one of the biggest issues of our time”. This fair tax hike would, according to Washington Post’s Jeff Stein, be enough to cover for Bernie Sanders’ public college plan, erase over half or deeply alleviate student debt in the US, get Barack Obama’s plan to offer universal prekindergarten off the shelf…or a very modest unconditional income of 280 US$/year for every adult citizen in the country.

On a final note, AOC has also shown to master online communication, which really helps her message coming through and, most importantly, get discussions going. Using Trump’s favorite online toy, Twitter, her comments have generated more monthly interactions (11,8 million) than the sum of three of the most popular Democratic senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, which is also more online interaction than the largest American corporate media outlets…combined.

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  • Jane

    How about a Cortez-Yang ballot for a UBI revolution?

  • Mr. David Laing

    A O-C is an opinionated, immature young woman who acts on impulse without checking out the subject on which she so facilely claims to be an authority. FAIL!

  • DH Fabian

    AOC defined herself as representing “working people of color.” That’s fine, but the country needs leaders who represent the “masses” — poor and middle class, all races. There aren’t any. Over 20 years into this country’s war on the poor, AOC seems oblivious to our poverty crisis. She’s just a Democrat.

  • I would still like AOC to read my weblog http://www.clivelord, in which I actually link the basicincome to (preventing) climate breakdown.

  • DH Fabian

    No question, she is currently the most heavily-marketed “product” of the Dem Party. She defined herself as representing “working people of color,” and that’s fine. But what the country has needed is a leader who will stand up for the masses — poor and middle class, workers and those left jobless, regardless of race/age/gender. Since the 1980s, US job losses have well-surpassed job gains — lost over 6 million mfg. jobs alone since 2000. Millions don’t have the means, time or money to pursue training for family-supporting jobs. Any person who legitimately supports progressive values or socialism would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis as proof of the failures of our deregulated capitalism. AOC, from her comfortably middle class background, seems to be unaware of it.

  • DH Fabian

    AOC is the product of some of the best political marketing available in the US today. Like all current Democrats she’s in the business of “selling” meaningless cliches that seem to appeal to the young bourgeoisie — and she is a solid enough Dem capitalist, acceptable to the Dem right wing.

    I shouldn’t need to note that by definition, a political progressive would be shining a spotlight on the results of US economic deterioration — our poverty crisis. I have yet to hear AOC’s agenda for addressing it,. I assume she goes with the Democrat agenda of agreeing to another decade of calls for eventual, trickle down jobs.

  • bongstar420

    Why can’t we get a certified genius scientist?

    Democracy…This AOC is relatable to average people due to her own near averageness. I want this person along with all others to get an IQ score and have advanced education based specifically on their proposals with evidence that not only can they understand what established facts are but also the various ways they could be wrong. In this case, AOC needs to be graduate level in climate science, economy, and sociology without any identity subsidies like getting funding for being a woman- education should be allocated based on ability where the person’s ability to understand is what determines the level of education they achieve, not their money or social connections. In any case, if I am to go on basic likability like “normal” people, I like Clinton and Pelosi far more than this AOC person.

    Why? Because only an actual geniocracy/meritocracy will achieve maximum results for all people. Majority opinions and wealth do not equal merit or intelligent. In fact, the more people and wealthier the supporters, the less merit or genius will be involved.

    Riddle me this! If you lived in a chimpanzee society, what is best? You on top or any other chimp on top? Which limits more, you limit them or they limit you by who has power over who? Which society would end up being more moral?

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