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VIDEO: Release of the BIEN Congress 2018 plenary sessions video recordings

The plenary sessions of the BIEN Congress 2018 are now available to view, here (all).


Individually, the recordings can also be watched in the following embedded links.


Philip Alston, “Should We Frame Basic Income as a Human Right?”

Louise Haagh, “The Ethics and Economics of Basic Income Revisited”

Lena Lavinas, “Can Basic Income Resist the Financialization Logic?”

Evelyn Forget, “The Basic Income Path to a Healthier Society”

Roundtable Plenary on basic income experiments with Jamie Cooke, Sarath Davala, Evelyn Forget, Loek Groot and Olli Kangas, moderated by Philippe Van Parijs

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  • Martin Charlton

    Dear Andre.
    Thanks for all your reporting at BIEN. Phenomenal.
    I’m work alone and find podcasts a handy way of exploring ideas.
    Any chance you could republish these talks as podcasts. They would probably stand alone, but perhaps an introduction and summary would enhance them.
    Any other audio content would be much appreciated.

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