A new book has just been released by Policy Press, an imprint of Bristol University Press. Titled It’s Basic Income: The global debate, it binds the contributions of many different authors, activists and researchers dwelling in the basic income global debate. Among these, one can read the input of Bruna Augusto, Sarath Davala, Brian Eno, Louise Haagh, Otto Lehto, Francine Mestrum, Annie Miller, Elisabeth Rhodes, Malcolm Torry, Jenna van Draanen, Jonathan Reynolds and Karl Widerquist.


The book discusses the basic income policy from many different perspectives, whether greater financial freedom for women, value unpaid work, reduced poverty or an enhancer of freedom for all. Critical views are also present, confronting the idea as utopian when other policies may be more effective and practical at the moment.


Original book (title information):

Amy Downes and Stewart Lansley, eds., “It’s Basic Income: The global debate”, Policy Press, March 2018

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