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European survey reveals significant public support for Basic Income

On Thursday 16th November Ronnie Cowan MP hosted at the House of Commons a presentation by Professor Rory Fitzgerald of the European Social Survey about the results of their recent Europe-wide survey on public opinion on Basic Income.

Professor Fitzgerald reported that in the UK 50.8% of the population agrees or agrees strongly that a Basic Income should be implemented, and 49.2% disagree or disagree strongly.

To see the results in full, click here to download the presentation.

To read an article about the survey in The Conversationclick here.

Photo CC BY-ND 2.0 Neil Tackaberry

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  • Nathaniel Hamrick

    It’s a good policy. I’m proud of those in the world who have thought hard about this and sided with the UBI. I think it’s a duty for all of us to consider at this time in the world. Good luck.

  • Andrew Salisbury

    In New Zealand we are stuck in a targeted response, which is not reducing poverty because the targeting includes sanctions. One party in our coalition now even wants to implement a “work for the dole” scheme – the very antithesis of UBI. We have a long way to go before public opinion swings to favour universal transfers. However, the good news is that one new political party, called The Opportunities Party,(TOP) has UBI as a core policy for economic development and social equity.

  • Ronald Watson

    I feel that the public and political support for UBI will grow as the number of ‘Precariat’ grows (who are often unwitting victims of the ‘flexible’ workforce). Robots and other types of A.I will only add to and exacerbate the debate about the UBI.

  • Gerald Nelson

    Above: “work for the dole”
    An insane idea. Actually, UBIG would cost no more than all the “welfare” programmes combined.

  • Gerald Nelson

    I totally agree with Salisbury above: “work for the dole”
    An insane idea. Actually, UBIG would cost no more than all the “welfare” programmes combined.

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