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BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: New agreement between Democrats and Greens in British Columbia looks forward to a basic income pilot

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver. Credit to: British Columbia New Democratic Party.


Since the 30th of May 2017 that British Columbia (BC) political parties NDP (New Democratic Party) and Greens have an agreement signed to collaborate in the present regional legislature, which can be read in the NDP webpage. This comes after an historical regional election process which saw the end of the Liberal Party majority in BC, held since 2001.

This event is also relevant because the unprecedented agreement refers basic income as part of its agenda. At the end of its Section 3 – Policy Initiatives, under the subtitle “Making life more affordable”, it can be read: “One aspect of the poverty reduction strategy is to design and implement a basic income pilot to test weather giving people a basic income is an effective way to reduce poverty, improve health, housing and employment.”

Other issues covered by the agreement are the maintenance and improvement of public services (mainly health and education), rolling out of environmental protection policies such as expanding the polluting emissions tax and measures to set better democratic mechanisms in BC. It becomes clear from this general political party agreement that basic income is a part of a broad set of policies which aim at improving British Columbians lives, while protecting the environment and established public services.


More information at:

Rob Shaw, “NDP, Greens take aim at Kinder Morgan, Site C in power-sharing deal”, The Province, May 29th 2017

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  • Janekim

    I wholeheartedly support basic income. Especially rent rate is too high a finacial burden for low income families. Please check out rent rate in bc. I am afraid it has gone too far.

  • Elisabeth Miller

    I am very much pro Basic Income Guarantee. Many hard working low income families will finally be able to breathe again, a bit…. The greedy landlords may take advantage of the situation though, and, having confidence, that there is more money to go around with now, will keep on raising the rent, and the wheel goes round…

  • Janeane

    People living on income assistance a d disability are so desperate they can’t afford enough food or proper food let alone tampons and toilet paper. Living life below poverty is daily thoughts of suicide

  • Janeane

    Living on disability and social assistance is below poverty. We can’t afford food tampons or toilet paper. Can’t afford to do laundry or travel to any appts. Its daily thouggts of suicide.

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