Ping Xu from UBI Taiwan has disclosed that a Basic Income pilot project is under discussion.

Xu made her remarks at her talks at Doshisha University on 21 April and at Kyoto Basic Income Weekend event during 22 and 23 April.

UBI Taiwan is laying the groundwork for a potential pilot program, although discussions are at an early stage and no determination or funding has been confirmed as of June. According to Tyler Prochazka from UBI Taiwan:

• UBI Taiwan has met with the Taichung Social Affairs Bureau to discuss a potential pilot project.

• UBI Taiwan has met with village chiefs, NGOs, and other relevant authorities to begin preparing the framework for the potential pilot program. The organization is looking at several locations in Taiwan to determine viability of the project.

• Currently, there is no funding for the pilot program. Preliminary research is being completed to create a framework for the project if funding is made available.

• UBI Taiwan will complete a comprehensive pilot program proposal by August 2017 to present to relevant authorities. The proposal will be crafted in coordination with international experts and local experts in Taiwan.

• UBI Taiwan is working with Academia Sinica to collect the first national polling of Taiwanese attitudes toward UBI.

Further updates on UBI Taiwan’s progress will be disclosed throughout the summer. In July, UBI Taiwan will begin its Summer Fellowship program, working with students to complete the preliminary research for the pilot program and increase awareness of basic income.

Reviewed by Russell Ingram

Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Chen Tao Liao

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