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VIDEO: ‘Capitalism will always create bullshit jobs’ –Owen Jones meets Rutger Bregman

In this video, Owen Jones, a British journalist, interviews Rutger Bregman, the author of Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There.


Bregman’s book makes the technological unemployment case for a basic income. Jones asks whether this case can stand, referring to John Maynard Keynes’ likely failed prophecy of a 15 hour work week by 2030 in his Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren. Bregman says that many current jobs are unneeded.


For more on ‘bullshit jobs’, see David Graeber’s 2013 article on ‘On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs.’ For social construction of both socially necessary jobs and socially unnecessary jobs, see Toru Yamamori’s keynote speech at 2016 BIEN congress on ‘What Can We Learn From a Grassroots Feminist UBI Movement? – Revisiting Keynes’s Prophecy.’


Reviewed by Russell Ingram

Toru Yamamori

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Toru Yamamori is a professor at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.

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  • Dale

    Feminist at least have this right. Richard Nixon tried to pass a UBI but i’ve been told that democrats rejected it because it wasn’t enough. If they would have approved it we would probably already have a UBI right now.

    Generally i hate feminism because of what it’s become and because we don’t need it. Females have more privileges in todays society than men do. If they really cared about equal rights for women they would recognize most places don’t need it but a place like Saudi Arabia does need it.

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