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AUSTRALIA: Group within Labor Left pushing for UBI

Photo: Paul Miller

A group within NSW Labor’s Left faction has called a set of motions to advance a universal basic income in Australia.

The Left faction’s economic committee has been instrumental in driving the initiative along with key proponent, Luke Whitington, the deputy chair of the Left’s economic policy committee and an adviser to Senator Doug Cameron.

The motions proposed have been gaining traction through local branches while advocates within the Labor Left cite the “current inadequate social welfare system” as the argument for the income countermeasure which will not be “activity-tested.” Means-testing has also been described by the group as “complex and intrusive.”

The financing of such a policy is left open by the motions, although “progressively levied taxation and other progressively raised government revenue” have been canvassed as possibilities.

One motion states: “A universal basic income would not need to replace all targeted social security payments, such as disability support, but any such payments would be in addition to a universal basic income.”

The motion will be pushed at the NSW Labor conference later this year, and the national conference next year as reported by Troy Bramston in the 08 March edition of The Australian.



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  • Dekeito

    Very pleased to read that the NSW Labor left are moving on the UBI. I had just about given up on Labor in my home state. If they keep this up I might have a reason to vote for them instead of the Greens!

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