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FINLAND: Kela’s report on Basic Income experiments released in English

As previously reported in Basic Income News, Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, submitted a report on basic income experiments to the Finnish Government on March 30. Previously released to the public only in Finnish, the report is now available in English. 

Kela’s report describes and analyzes several basic income models, including a “full” basic income of at least 1000 EUR per month, which would replace all existing social insurance programs, a “partial” basic income of under 800 EUR per month, and a negative income tax. It additionally examines conditional programs such as a participation income.

In the conclusion of its report, Kela advises the Finnish government to adopt a partial basic income model for its experiment.

In August, Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health drafted a bill authorizing the basic income experiment. This bill revealed that the government plans to test of a partial basic income of 560 EUR per month, distributed to a random sample of 2,000 individuals who are between the ages of 25 and 58 and currently receive unemployment assistance. The Ministry’s proposed legislation also made clear that experiment will be designed specifically to test whether a partial basic income incentivizes employment. 

The English version of Kela’s 62-page report is now available as a free download from its website (see link below). This version also includes a postscript concerning the bill drafted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, including a summary of criticisms of the bill and an explanation of the government’s decision to adopt the chosen experimental design.

Kansaneläkelaitos Kela; Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela (2016) “From idea to experiment. Report on universal basic income experiment in Finland”



Photo: CC BY-NC 2.0 Aaronigma

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  • Steve Godenich

    Thank you. Google translate is tedious, worthless on picture charts and loses something in the translation.

  • How governments can fund a Basic Income.
    Implement annual, long term, national mortgages that matures at below prime interest rate and use this borrowed money to fund Basic Incomes for all citizens. The value of our currency will stabilise with money that will be present in society and is continually being spent and producing sales tax revenue. Give the money to the people, not to the banks. A basic income for everybody would be a continual catalyst to the economy. There is only a fine line between the government retaining our present currency values and creating a basic income through a mortgage that mature over a seventy year period at a select 0.1 interest rate, which is overproducing the currency for basic income. And this mortgage would create additional money which the economy needs to become robust and in doing so, we can retain currency values because the money would be present and active; $1,500 a month guaranteed as a basic income!
    Governments would receive more revenue through compound sales tax from an invigorated economy and also they would keep the outgoing expenses that are presently going to welfare, disability insurance and employment insurance. Overproducing the currency by minimum interest rates applied on national mortgages to create guaranteed basic income but never for the private or corporate sector; this must always remain off limits as this would decrease or destroy currency values. It is a fine line. Basic income for all will direct the additional money into the whole population where it will be active and this will retain currency values. Seek the money. Basic income will work. Will Germany allow basic income to pass in parliament? And all the world scream yes but avoid mob payouts….(yes but we will supply the Coke, just sign a waver form… anybody? No, I want a robust economy
    How much would a Basic Income be if it is implemented in Mexico? There would be collective variables. We should set up examples for other counties to consider or accept as the amount of basic income in their country. A poorer, agricultural nations with a large population should accept a more modest guaranteed basic income. Perhaps positive change will prevail and Mexico might become a target for imports, as money will become present within the population. We can fund and issue basic incomes into society through government held diminishing mortgages. Only for basic income! Global basic income is not a shadow, it will become. The age of part-time employment is a healthy society when there is a reasonable basic income. Basic income first; basic income for all.

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