In the past year, two Basic Income Create-a-thons took place under the auspices of the Universal Income Project: the first in San Francisco (Nov 13-15, 2015) and the second in Los Angeles (Apr 15-17, 2016).

A third Basic Income Create-a-thon has now been scheduled for September 9-11 in New Orleans. Basic income advocate Scott Santens is hosting the event, and BIEN co-chair Karl Widerquist will also be participating.

A “create-a-thon”, according to the event description, is a “weekend-long creative event, where writers, artists, videographers, developers, musicians, and others collaborate to create content and media in support of a universal basic income in the United States”.

At the start of the event, participants will have the opportunity to present their original ideas for projects to raise awareness and generate support for basic income. Participants will then select their favorite proposals to develop over the course of the weekend, working in teams. At the end of the weekend, teams will each present their conclusions and accomplishments to all attendees.

Attendance at the New Orleans create-a-thon is free, though a donation is suggested to cover event costs. Participants should register for the event on EventBrite.

Additional details are available on the Facebook event page.

Image CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Greg L Jones

An earlier version of this article’s headline was autocorrected to ‘Third Basic Income Create-a-Thong’; to the author’s knowledge, however, no basic income create-a-thong has yet taken place. 

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