INTERNATIONAL: Live Reports from the BIEN congress

The 16th Basic Income Earth Network Congress has just started on 7th July in Seoul, Korea. People from around the earth are attending.

Karl Widerquist, a co-chair of BIEN, is posting live reports on Reddit. He is encouraging everyone at the conference to contribute their perspectives to the thread as well.

13592778_826743050789874_1813408908710938386_nThe conference will run for 3 days, until 9th July.

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  • Maurice DeNobrega

    My hope is that one day, all governments will create what I call a “Birthright Bond” which is purchased for every citizen when they are born and which expires when they die. In this bond, the government agrees to pay to the bondholder a fixed sum (adjusted for inflation) from birth to age 10; incremented from age 11 to age 18; incremented from age 19 to age 65 and adjusted from age 65 until death. Such a bond is provided for every citizen regardless of their economic value to society. Such a bond is not a safety net but rather a starting point for all people.

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