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MEXICO: The Senate of the Republic of Mexico and ECLA organize seminar on basic income

This event, to be held April 19-21, 2016, is being held in Mexico and organized jointly by the Institute Belisario Dominguez (IBD) of the Senate and the Regional Office of Mexico of the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA).


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The event is scheduled to have significant representation from experts on basic income, researchers, and policy makers and highlights evidence from international basic income experiments and plans. The structure of the seminar resembles a conference, with the addition of several opportunities for dialogue and the inclusion of key representatives from the Senate and other governmental bodies. The event concludes with a film screening of “In the Same Boat” by its producer Rudy Gnutti.


The schedule for the event can be seen online here.






Source: Red Renta Básica, “The Senate of the Republic of Mexico and ECLAC organized an international seminar on the basic income and wealth distribution [El Senado de la República de México y la CEPAL organizan un seminario internacional sobre la renta básica y la distribución de la riqueza]., April 4, 2016

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