Credit to: Jornal Tornado Online

Credit to: Jornal Tornado Online

In the two articles below, André Julião writes a thorough summary of the Basic Income (BI) on the international scene as well as in Portugal. Based on an interview with Roberto Merrill, André Coelho, Ana Cristina Cunha and Pedro Teixeira, Julião unravels BI’s historical record, from Thomas More to Phillipe Van Parijs, and briefly reviews the evolution of Portuguese social security policies. He then outlines the present day BI implementation pilot plans in several countries, such as Finland, the Netherlands, India, Namibia and Canada, and presents Pedro Teixeira’s reasoning and justification for a probable decoupling between BI and rising prices. André Coelho presents further arguments for BI, and Ana Cristina Cunha elaborates upon current BI activism in Portugal. Finally, Julião presents a brief discussion of options for financing a BI, concluding that an income redistributive policy seems more attractive than a “Quantitative Easing” approach, at least for the people of Portugal.


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André Julião, “Rendimento Básico Incondicional: utopia do século XXI ou base de um novo modelo social? [Basic Income: a XXI century Utopia or the basis of a new social model?]“, Jornal Tornado online, 24th January 2016


André Julião, “Davos: suspiro ou semente de uma nova ordem económica e social? [Davos: a shrug or seed for a new social and economic order?]“, Jornal Tornado online, 23th January 2016

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