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PORTUGAL: Basic Income talks in Braga

The catholic workers association in Braga has organized a talk event in the city the past 8th of October, named Trabalho Digno e Rendimento Básico Incondicional (Dignified Work and Basic Income). The event has joined more than 40 people and, at Senhora-a-Branca Cultural Yard, Joana Gomes from OIT – Organização Mundial do Trabalho (International Workers’ Association) and Roberto Merrill representing Basic Income Portugal, have spoken.


Roberto Merrill, in a short interview afterwards, has concluded the event was highly positive. The event organizers are keen on putting the basic income concept into circulation through the churches, which is definitely a step further in spreading the message of basic income.


More information at:


In Portuguese:


Basic Income Portugal website


Movimento de Trabalhadores Cristãos (part of the catholic workers association) website


Event Facebook page

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