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SEONGNAM, KOREA: A city with nearly a million population considering for a ‘Youth Dividend’

Seongnam city is considering implementing a ‘Youth Dividend’, based on the idea of a basic income. If it happens, it will be the first case in Korea.

The city(성남시 城南市)is located about 20 km south from the centre of Seoul, and has a population of around 980,000 in its 142 square kilometers of land.

The mayor, Lee Jae-myeong (이재명) has been keen for poverty reduction. With his initiative, the city considers an introduction of a ‘Youth Dividend’. Although the idea is inspired by a universal and unconditional basic income, the detail of a ‘Youth Dividend’ is not decided yet. The city commissioned to an external agency for research on feasibility of implementation of it last June.

*This news is written based on the following news and information from some Korean Friends including Smila Youhyung Park (스밀라):

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  • No_Name

    Hello Toru, I’m afraid that map is wrong. The highlighted city on the map is Seoul, not Seongnam. You can see the actual location here:

    • Hello No_Name, thank you for your comment. The map is come from the official page of Seongnam City. Sorry that the caption I tried to make it explicit was somehow missing, so have just fixed. Yes, I notice that the city in the map looks bigger than its real size, but I thought it is a sort of common way to deform the size. Should we complain to the city on their deformation?

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