NETHERLANDS: Independent Liberal Party Says it is Time for Basic Income

The independent Liberal Party of the Netherlands (Vrijzinnige Partij) has promised to work up a national parliamentary motion in favour of a fully-fledged basic income for all Dutch citizens.

The political party formed in 2014 – which has a single parliamentary seat held by high-profile politician Norbert Klein – said that the growing number of local Dutch basic income initiatives represented no more than a welcome move toward condition-free benefits for claimants.

The party said it was high time that national politics took a serious look at a pure basic income for all citizens, adding that informal parliamentary channels to support the motion were already being established.

Norbert Klein, “De tijd is rijp voor het basisinkomen.” Trouw, 25 June 2015

Vrijzinnige Partij, “Tijd is rijp voor het Basisinkomen.” 25 June 2015


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  • clara

    It is very important that Western European countries implement the universal basic income first, so that Eastern Europeans can then request this of their respective governments. It needs to start somewhere. I hope that the open-minded Dutch will be the first to do this. It’s not just for the Dutch citizens – it’s an example for all other countries.

  • Danny

    Hi, please look at the bigger picture… it is a good thing when people have a better social platform. However I also know that free money will increase the buying of useless crap and increase the amount of garbage enormously… Wouldn’t it be better to give people all they need like healthy food, decent housing, better education,… and have a worldwide commission decide which other products can be obtained for the lowest impact on the environment ? For example : when basic income is used to buy more alcohol, sigarets, etc; then I oppose. You certainly get what I mean !

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