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CHINA: Macau residents to receive annual basic income

The government of Macau, a semi-autonomous city in China, has announced that this year’s “Wealth Partaking Scheme” (WPS) will distribute 9,000 Macanese Pataca (about US$1127) to each permanent resident and 5,400 Macanese Pataca (about US$676) for each non-permanent resident.

The only condition is to have a valid or renewable resident identity card delivered by the City of Macau.

The WPS is a Macanese government program that has distributed a yearly dividend to Macanese residents since 2008. A total of 675,696 people will receive the dividend, most of whom (607,465) will receive the full amount. The size of the dividend is the same as in 2014, but the number of recipients has increased by 40,000.

The WPS is essentially a small basic income, similar to the Alaska dividend. It is mean to ensure that all Macanese share the benefits of the region’s economic development to help mitigate the effects of inflation.


Credit picture: CC Kevin Jaako

For more information about the WPS see:

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A check for the Wealth Partaking Scheme in 2008

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  • Yes, the basic income is only the beginning. A far more important revolution needs to take place. Here, one refers to Transfinancial Economics in which newly created money can be phased into the economy without leading to inflation, or indeed, hyperinflation. How? The answer is basically simpl.e. Special super-flexible electronic controls are used to control inflation but in a way which allows for the free market price to rise, and fall naturally. They would also phase out interest rates, and taxation as a means of dealing with inflationary pressures.

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