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SPAIN: Poll shows Party that endorses BIG most popular

[Toru Yamamori]

Recent poll shows Podemos (We Can) is most supported party in Spain. Podemos was a newly emerged political party in January 2014 out of Indignados, the anti-austerity movement similar to the Occupy Wall Street. The party endorses BIG and got five seats in European Parliament Election in May 2014. According to the poll released November 1st by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, The party got 27.7%, ahead to the opposition Socialist Party 26.2% and to the ruling party Popular Party 20.7%.

Podemos -from the Volunteer via Newshub

Podemos -from the Volunteer via Newshub

For more information, see:

Mike Pope, “Podemos is the most popular political party in spainThe News Hub Beta, November 2, 2014.

Julian Toyer, “Poll lead for newcomer shakes up Spain’s political systemReuters, November 2, 2014.

To read more on Podemos and BIG, see:

Karl Widerquist, “SPAIN: New political party that endorses big takes five seats in european parliamentBasic Income News, June 1, 2014.

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  • Carlos M. Arias Moreno

    Despite they defended UBI for EU elections it’s not sure that they are proposing universality for the program for spanish elections. We will see…

  • Carlos M. Arias Moreno

    Anyway, Podemos has into it’s citizens council (62 people) some of the stronger supporters of UBI spanish initiative (ILP)

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