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BRAZIL: Brazilian government to increase the Bolsa Familia benefit by 10%

Dilma Rouseff’s government reported that the Bolsa Familia, a type of basic income given to poor families in Brazil, has increased by 44% in the last three years. The government also made plans in May, 2014 to increase the benefit by a further 10% in June 2014. The Bolsa Familia program is believed to be positively impacting infant mortality, malnutrition, and education levels in the country as well as increasing Brazil’s GDP. It was introduced in 2005, explicitly as a step toward introducing basic income.


For more information on the increase to the Bolsa Familia Program see:

World Without Poverty, “Dilma Rousseff’s government guarantees a real increase of 44% for the Bolsa Familia Program”. Brazil Learning Initiative, May 2, 2014.

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  • O Bolsa Família é o maior programa de transferência de renda do mundo, graças a este programa mais de 50 milhões de brasileiros tem comida na mesa. Essa foi uma ação que mudou muito a situação do povo brasileiro.

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