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Paul Hiebert, "Universal Basic Income: Something We Can All Agree On?"

Is a basic income something that appeals to values across the political spectrum?

[Craig Axford]

“The left can agree because basic income provides economic security for all Americans. The right can get behind it because it’s a form of economic security that doesn’t interfere with market forces as much as other forms of social security, such as raising the minimum wage.”

Paul Hiebert, “Universal Basic Income: Something We Can All Agree on?”, Pacific Standard: The Science of Society, July 31, 2014

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  • sheldon

    These mean based schemes are too complex to assign to such a simple solution. The basic income scheme need only take the form of a tax free income paid to every human being once per month, 12 times per year in an amount that will satisfy basic living expenses. Economists and politicians need not speculate on a feasible scheme. This is not a financing issue. This is a Human Rights issue.

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