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AUSTRALIA: Rutger Bregman to speak at Sydney’s Antidote festival

Dutch journalist Rutger Bregman will speak at Sydney’s Antidote festival on the theme of his bestselling book Utopia for Realists, in which he argues for a universal basic income and 15 hour work week.

Describing itself as a “festival of ideas, art and action”, Antidote brings together speakers and artists concerned about political, economic, social, and environmental issues.

The event takes place at the Sydney Opera House on the first weekend of spring in Australia, September 2 to 3. Bregman will present his ideas — which the organizers call a “compelling alternative to our current reality” — on the second day of the event.



Antidote supplants the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, also held at the Sydney Opera House, which was held annually since 2009.


More Information

Official page: “Utopia for Realists: Rutger Bregman” at the Sydney Opera House.

Andrew Taylor, “Work-life balance: Why we should only work 15 hours a week”, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 20, 2017.

Reviewed by Caroline Pearce

Cover Photo CC BY 2.0 Hai Linh Truong

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