MUKO, Kyoto, Japan. Talk on a Basic Income, 23rd January 2016

E Mirai no kai (e未来の会)’, a Kyoto local green initiative organizes an event for a basic income. Toru Yamamori, a member of the executive committee of the Basic Income Network, will give a talk on what we can learn from history of past struggles for the idea, and also on the recent various activisms for it. The event will be held in Japanese.

When: 1.30 pm-, 23rd January 2016

Venue: Community house ‘Okina Kabu no i.e. (おおきなかぶの家)’

(one minute walk from Hankyu Nishi-muko station)




Toru Yamamori

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Toru Yamamori is a professor at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.

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