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Video: Basic income activist Hilde Latour on TEDx

Hilde Latour, a long-standing basic income activist from the Netherlands, has recently made a presentation on a TEDx independently organized event, in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Latour is also a coordinator / director at Wisecolab, a forward-looking organization of thinkers, activists and technology experts, who try to bring new common good narratives to people, backed and helped by technology recent and future

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VIDEO: Renta Básica Incondicional: una propuesta racional y justa [Basic Income: a rational and just proposition]

This TEDx talk, at Sant Cugat, Barcelona, features Daniel Raventós, president of the Spanish Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) affiliate and professor at the Economics and Enterprise department of the Barcelona University.   In this short presentation, Raventós defines basic income in a general sense, and addresses the usual arguments against the implementation of this idea. He recalls the predictions

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