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Thom Hartmann, “What’s Good About Guaranteed Basic Income”

  In this post Hartmann makes the case for a basic income guarantee (BIG), citing conservative mainstays like personal responsibility and the perceived inefficiency of social safety net programs. He compares the results of BIG experiments in developing and developed nations, and contrasts the benefits of basic income with the negative results of overwork simply to survive. Hartmann argues that a BIG could

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Thom Hartmann, “What West Virginia can learn from Sarah Palin”

[Josh Martin] In this post, Hartmann discusses the alarming inequality in West Virginia as well as the extreme poverty many families face in the coal-reliant state.  Hartmann acknowledges coal’s importance to the state by suggesting implementing a program similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund, which distributes a dividend funded by taxes on its oil reserves to each citizen of Alaska

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Karl Widerquist, “The Alaska Model: a citizen's income in practice”

The idea of a basic income for all citizens is often seen as a utopian dream. But, as this article explains, ‘the Alaska Dividend’ has existed for more than thirty years, and is immensely popular to this day. Karl Widerquist is an Associate Professor at SFS-Q, Georgetown University. He is the editor of Basic Income News and the Basic Income

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