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Do we need a Coalition of Basic Income Activist Networks?

Do we need a worldwide Coalition of Basic Income Activist Networks to do what BIEN can’t? BIEN is chartered as an “educational charity.” It can educate people about BI and spread news about BI, but it cannot lead or coordinate activism on BI. There are many national and regional BI activist organizations, but no worldwide organization to help coordinate their

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Review of Marshall Brain, “Manna: Two Visions of Humanity’s Future” (from 2014)

This essay was originally published on Basic Income News in June 2014.   Marshall Brain is a science writer (both fiction and non-), futurist, founder of the website How Stuff Works, and a long-time advocate of basic income. His book, Manna: Two Visions of Humanity’s Future, makes a case for basic income—and for a post-work society altogether—through the vehicle of science fiction.

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The Basic Income Guarantee and Tautological Libertarianism (from 2014)

This essay was originally published on Basic Income News in August 2014.     The right-libertarian journal, Cato Unbound, has published a 4-party debate on Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) this month. Matt Zwolinski started it off with a second-best or pragmatic argument for BIG. He doesn’t say outright that BIG is better than many right-libertarians most favored policy of eliminating of all redistribution of

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Karl Widerquist’s list of Media Appearances

Karl Widerquist

On this page, I attempt to keep an updated list of media appearances, big or small; basic income related or not; audio, video, or text; starting with the most recent. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s extensive. Bootstraps, documentary film direct by Deia Schlosberg and Conrad Shaw (in production 2020) UBI: The Silver Bullet, documentary film by the People’s Currency Foundation,

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