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Basic Income for All: a Real Utopia (Italian)

In the smoking ruins of the wage-based society, facing a global crisis of civilization, and before the full blown bankruptcy of neoliberal policies, Basic Income for All is the watchword providing a way of escape through the setting up of a new social project. A new social project that is able to create a society eventually based on the ideas of the “right of existence”, the freedom of choice, the freedom to create, the distribution of wealth and the equal dignity for all. The authors of this anthology, gathered together by Bin Italy – the Italian Association for the Guaranteed Income – are completely convinced of it. Through a radical insight and a reckless theoretical attitude, the idea of the Income of Citizenship is analysed by using a plurality of approaches and disciplines – the result is a multifaceted, rich and cogent framework. An essential book to cope with the challenges of our time, free from any bias.

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