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Jordan Galienne “Quand simplifier le systeme de redistribution deviant un imperative” [When simplifying the redistribution system becomes imperative]

This piece outlines current issues with the welfare system and the income redistribution system, more specifically, in France. The authors then propose basic income as a simple solution that has been longstanding in France and continues to be debated among thought leaders in political and economic fields. The article points out the current efforts of the French group “Mouvement Français

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Thierry Crouzet, “Pourquoi défendre le revenu de base? [Why defend basic income?]

In this opinion piece, the author lays out an argument for basic income on the grounds of needing to democratize the economy, protect human rights, and allow freedom. The article argues that we need to decentralize the creation of money to avoid having a privileged group of bankers controlling society. Language: French Thierry Crouzet, “Pourquoi défendre le revenu de base?

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John Danaher, “Feminism and the Basic Income (Part One)”

This piece discusses feminist perspectives both for and against basic income as well as examines the possible effects of basic income for women. The author brings up potential effects such as: changing women’s labor market participation, the amount of money women (and mothers) receive,  flexibility in work choice, re-valuation of unpaid work, positive psychological effects, bargaining power, loss of non-pecuniary

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NAMIBIA: Basic Income Program Returns to Otjivero

A basic income pilot project, originally implemented in 2008, has just been re started. The project in the Otjivero-Omitara settlement of the Steinhausen Constiuency in Namibia had been providing all residents living in the settlement since 2007 with $100 per person per month, without any conditions attached. The initial pilot program stopped in June 2013, when the funds provided by

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