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David Jenkins, “A Perspective on Inflation”

In this article, David Jenkins assesses the possible impacts of a basic income upon inflation. He concludes that ‘[t]here is reason to believe then that UBI will not produce the kinds of inflationary effects for which it stands accused.’ The full article is available here: David Jenkins, “A Perspective on Inflation”, Basic Income UK: Towards an emancipatory welfare, 8th October

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Zoe Williams, “Fed up with growth-focused politics? For real change, look left”

In this article, Zoe Williams surveys the options available to voters looking for a left-wing alternative. She mentions the basic income as one of the possible policies on offer from sections of the UK left, most notably the Green Party. She writes that ‘a huge amount of work has been done on a basic citizen’s income – how it could be afforded,

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Cristina Brooks, “Tory tax cuts to take minimum-wage earners back to 2010”

In this article, Cristina Brooks deals with the UK Conservative Party’s recent pledge to reduce the tax paid by low earners. She suggests that David Cameron, the party leader, ‘should consider the £12,000 basic income handout put forward by supporters of Basic Income UK (BI), targeting the same people who would be saved by the tricky tax rebate, as a

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Erik Brynjolfsson, Jeremy Howard, Robert Schiller, “The Great Decoupling”

Speaking as part of a roundtable discussion in the McKinsey Quarterly, Jeremy Howard suggests that we have to  ‘accept that in this new world, there’s a large group of people who can’t really add economic value anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to live a decent human life.’ In response to this, ‘we have to start thinking about

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Elizabeth May, “A $15 minimum wage will not solve inequality — but it'll help”

In this article Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, suggests the ‘implementation of a universal Guaranteed Livable Income. She argues that such a measure ‘would provide the means for every Canadian to avoid poverty. It would save the health care system, the criminal justice system, and a whole raft of other social programs from spending their valuable

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