FRIBIS will be hosting a three-part Summer School this year which will take place in Freiburg (Germany). Each part will focus on the topic of “Empirical Methods in UBI Investigation” but from different perspectives. The Summer School will be held in English and applications can be submitted now. Application deadline: 22nd May 2023.

July 10th – How to build a UBI pilot – Delivered by Dr. Neil Howard (University of Bath) & Dr. Sarath Davala (Basic Income Earth Network) – A growing number of UBI pilot tests are being proposed or are in preparation around the world. However, there is limited knowledge about how to design a pilot, the most appropriate methods, and the ethics of pilot research. Participants will address these issues.

July 11th-14th –  Social Contract Lab Experiments – Delivered by Prof. Bernhard Neumärker (Universität Freiburg), Prof. Lorenzo Sacconi (Università degli Studi di Milano Statale), Prof. Marco Faillo (Università di Trento) & Dr. Virginia Cecchini Manara (Università degli Studi di Milano Statale) – It will focus on the application of Social Contract Theory to behavioural and experimental economics, both in theory and practice. Participants will discuss the relevance of behavioural experiments for normative theories and learn how to design and conduct lab experiments.

July 18th-20th – Microsimulation & Social Welfare Maximization – Delivered by Prof. Ugo Colombino (University of Turin) – Both young researchers (MSc, PhD) and more advanced academics who are nevertheless still beginners in static modelling will have the rare opportunity to learn from an extensive introduction to the development of static microsimulation models and welfare analysis, covering both theory and practice.

We are looking forward to your application and we’d be pleased if you could share the event with potentially interested students, phd-candidates & colleagues.