In September, 2022, the Economic Security Project (ESP) announced that it had hit a milestone of 100 guaranteed income pilots announced nationwide. See a two-minute video celebrating this achievement here.

In 2017, ESP helped launch pilots in Stockton, CA and Jackson, MS and then open-sourced the playbook and invited others to join the movement. To go from a distant dream to such a large number of pilots did not happen overnight, it took the dedicated work of people committed to this vision.

ESP “advocates for ideas that build economic power for all Americans. We legitimize bold ideas by supporting cutting edge research and elevating champions, win concrete policy victories for the communities that need to see change now, and provoke the conventional wisdom to shift what’s considered possible. Our team of academics, organizers, practitioners and culture makers disburse grants, run issue campaigns, develop creative interventions and research products, and convene to encourage investment and action from others.” 

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