Alaska Mountain Fireweed

The Alaska Permenent Fund (APF), which started in 1982 to give all Alaskans a share of its oil revenue, is as close to a basic income by BIEN’s definition as has been achieved world-wide. It is paid to each individual regardless of age, without means tests or other conditions, and regularly every year, although the level differs depending on how the APF’s investments do that year. It has inspired campaigns in many other countries, including Mongolia, South Africa and Goa, to share the profits from resource extraction as a basic income to all citizens. The AFP is under particular threat at the moment as a result of recent deficits in the State’s budget, which legislators want to plug by taking the payments away from Alaska’s citizens.

BIEN News will be interviewing activists from AFPD about the situation and their demands soon, but in the meantime people can support their campaign via their GoFundMe page. More information about their campaign and the history of the fund can be found on their website.

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