The Spanish Basic Income Network (RRB) has released a survey concerning Universal Basic Income (UBI) support in Spain. This online survey was conducted by Ipsos, involving 2168 spanish citizens with ages between 18 and 65, a 50/50% gender distribution and convering most of Spanish territory. Responses were collected from an online questionnaire and interviews, plus a two-day field work stage (12-13 May 2020). Main results include:

  • 56% of all participants agree with UBI, and only 30% disagree;
  • 67% of all earning less than 1000 €/month agree, while 55% of those earning more than 5000 €/month agree;
  • Younger people (18-24 years old) agree more (62%) than other age brackets, although none fall below 53% agreement;
  • Only 5% of full-time workers consider stop working, and 8% would consider reducing their labor time;
  • A UBI of 715 € would not reduce job seeking.