The Coronavirus Pandemic Proves We Need Universal Basic Income 7 April 2020


Time for a Universal Basic Income for Eastern Europe? (Paul Stubbs) 30 March 2020


Finnish basic income pilot improved wellbeing, study finds 7 May 2020


Coronavirus: Spain set for basic income to ease crisis pain 18 May 2020

Spain to pay basic income to help poorest weather coronavirus 17 April 2020

Spain is moving to establish permanent basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic 6 April 2020

United Kingdom

Research and press articles on Basic Income possibilities in the UK in the context of the coronavirus crisis 5 April 2020

United States

Pushing Universal Basic Income, Andrew Yang Supporters Get #CongressPassUBI Trending 1 May 2020

Andrew Yang May Be Out, but His Basic Income Idea Is Getting a Second Look (NY Times) 18 March 2020

COVID-19 And Universal Basic Income: Lessons For Governments From The Tech World (Forbes) 19 March 2020

Other global news

From Pope Francis to the Bond King, universal basic income is gaining support around the world 16 May 2020

Universal basic income is the answer to the inequalities exposed by COVID-19 17 April 2020

Pope Francis Calls For Universal Basic Income, More Participation Of Women 15 April 2020

To get through coronavirus lockdown, we need basic income (Aljazeera) 22 March 2020

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