The pair Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark have analyzed the corona virus outbreak and consequent economic downturn and call for an immediate implementation of basic income in each country, truly a global response to a global crisis. It can be read, from the onset of the article:

Apart from the medical threat revealing a brutal class divide in healthcare, the coronavirus pandemic is creating social and economic havoc among non-rich populations. If ever the need for a universal basic income was evident, it is now. But governments, trying to save the neoliberal system, and making the most of the disaster to lay the foundations for a new round of disaster capitalism, won’t see it. To give a couple of examples of this catastrophe profiteering, laissez-faire entrepreneur par excellence, Sir Richard Branson, wants a £7.5 billion government bailout for his airline, and Trump has proposed a $700 billion stimulus package in which industries will be “stimulated” at the expense of Social Security and, once again, the poor. So much for the free market.

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Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark, “Covid-19 and the Need, Right Now, For a Universal Basic Income“, Counterpunch, March 19th 2020

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