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Ireland 2029: Should Ireland introduce a universal basic income?

In this 30 minute podcast, the possibility of introducing an Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Ireland is analyzed, if it were introduced in a ten-year timespan. Lúí Smyth, representing the activist group Basic Income Ireland, talks about reasons to implement basic income, and how it could affect life in Ireland. Ian Golding, an economist, Oxford University professor and a regular Financial Times contributor, also features on the podcast, with his view on basic income and its relation to the Irish tax structure.

More information at:

Could a €200-per-week basic income make Irish people happier – and more motivated?“,, July 24th 2019

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The views expressed in this Op-Ed piece are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the view of Basic Income News or BIEN. BIEN and Basic Income News do not endorse any particular policy, but Basic Income News welcomes discussion from all points of view in its Op-Ed section.

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  • james

    of course it should. when there is now 1 job to every 1000 applicants. it would also help budding upcoming entrepreneurs. people are being deprived like mad at the moment. people are being sacked for no reason. as jesus said feed the people. give. not take and deprive like the devil.

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