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United States: Air Force Veteran talks about his experience with basic income

A United States Air Force Veteran (1) is getting 1300 US$/month. He has been receiving this money from the Veteran Administration (VA) for almost three years. The transfer is unconditional, and is for life so, in a sense, it is like a basic income (as in defined at the Basic Income Earth Network). It is not universal, of course, since only USAF veterans may receive it.

However, this particular veteran’s experience with this unconditional stipend is that it truly helped him and his family, which includes a chronically ill son. He, contrary to some popular opinions, did not rest idle with this monthly cash transfer and merely survived, but rather started a successful real estate business.

A short video (10 min.) can be watched:

(1) – His name is not voiced in the video.

More information at:

I’ve received $1,300 per month in basic income for two years and this is what has happened”, Basic Income Today, September 6th 2019

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