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VIDEO: Felix Salmon brings shock while defending basic income live on Fox Business

Felix Salmon (on Fox Business)

In a television program, live on Fox Business aired on the 12th of Setember, British ex-citizen (now a citizen of the United States) Felix Salmon shocked his TV host, Stuart Varney, and his pundit colleagues on the set (Ashley Webster and Elizabeth MacDonald, both regulars at Fox Business), by unexpectedly bringing up the issue of basic income. Felix, always keeping his good mood and positive posture, was hammered by his co-presenters, especially by Varney, who repeatedly called him a socialist with a pejorative inclination.


The entire three-minute conversation around basic income ended with the expulsion on Salmon from Varney’s TV show (even though he was smiling), and possibly from Fox News altogether. It can be read fully in a transcript posted on Media Matters, as well as the video itself.

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