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BIEN Congress 2018: release of a revised conference program

The 2018 BIEN Congress, held in Tampere on 24-26 August, has released its revised conference program. In addition to a wide variety of panels and papers covering recent academic and policy discussions on basic income, the program features a series of exciting plenary speakers, including a plenary roundtable on basic income experiments and an opening address by Tarja Halonen, the former President of Finland.


For the first time in the history of BIEN congresses, on the 24th and 25th of August, the Tampere congress also hosts Basic Income in Motion, a film festival featuring more than a dozen films and documentaries on basic income running alongside the congress. Participants are also invited to participate in the Nordic Day on the 23rd of August and discuss recent advances in basic income with members of the different Nordic basic income networks, plus a public lecture by Rutger Bregman to promote the Finnish translation of his bestseller Utopia for Realists.


All events will take place on the main campus of the University of Tampere and are held in English.


The 5th of August deadline for registration is approaching fast! Don’t miss out and register as soon as possible and join us in Finland at the end of the August!


For questions, contact us at


Jurgen De Wispelaere, Pertti Koistinen and Roosa Eriksson
(on behalf of the BIEN2018 LOC)

About Jurgen De Wispelaere

Jurgen De Wispelaere has written 7 articles.

Jurgen De Wispelaere is a former occupational therapist turned political theorist and policy scholar. He is an ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow and a Policy Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research (Universiy of Bath). Previously he worked at the University of Tampere (Finland), forming part of the Kela-led research team preparing the basic income experiment in Finland, and before that at universities in Montreal, Barcelona, Dublin and London. His major research interest is the political analysis of basic income, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation at the University of Tampere. Jurgen has published extensively on basic income in leading international journals as well as specialist edited volumes. He is a founding co-editor of the journal Basic Income Studies (with Karl Widerquist) and co-edited Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research (Wiley 2013). He is currently working on a short book on basic income experiments (with Evelyn Forget) and preparing The Routledge Handbook of Basic Income (with Louise Haagh). Jurgen was the co-convenor of the 2014 BIEN Congress in Montreal and a member of the local organising committee of the upcoming 2018 BIEN Congress in Tampere. He is a big fan of death metal and believes a basic income would provide much needed support for the underground music scene.

The views expressed in this Op-Ed piece are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the view of Basic Income News or BIEN. BIEN and Basic Income News do not endorse any particular policy, but Basic Income News welcomes discussion from all points of view in its Op-Ed section.


  • Mohamed Ahmed Alaswad

    The UBI is applied in Libya since 1975 for the benefit of the women who was divorced without a job, old people without work, and special needs citizens who aren’t able to work. the amount was 135 USD/ Month and now is about 350 USD / month.
    Libya Now is struggling from the increase of public sector employment which exceeds 88% from active manpower 18-64 .Therefore, I believe that using UBI instead of social security will help the Libyna government
    to reduce the public sector employment and decrease the public sector salaries which exceeds 70% of the Libyan budget

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