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BIEN Congress 2018: Last days to submit your paper proposals

The 18th BIEN Congress takes place in Tampere (Finland) on 23-26 August on the theme of “Basic Income and the New Universalism: Rethinking the Welfare State in the 21st Century”.
We have already received many excellent proposals. For those of you who haven’t this week, this is your last chance to submit a proposal to present a paper or coordinate a full panel or roundtable on any topic related to basic income. Please submit your proposal via our website. If you have any questions, contact us at
We look forward to seeing you all in Tampere in August!

About Jurgen De Wispelaere

Jurgen De Wispelaere has written 7 articles.

Jurgen De Wispelaere is a former occupational therapist turned political theorist and policy scholar. He is an ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow and a Policy Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research (Universiy of Bath). Previously he worked at the University of Tampere (Finland), forming part of the Kela-led research team preparing the basic income experiment in Finland, and before that at universities in Montreal, Barcelona, Dublin and London. His major research interest is the political analysis of basic income, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation at the University of Tampere. Jurgen has published extensively on basic income in leading international journals as well as specialist edited volumes. He is a founding co-editor of the journal Basic Income Studies (with Karl Widerquist) and co-edited Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research (Wiley 2013). He is currently working on a short book on basic income experiments (with Evelyn Forget) and preparing The Routledge Handbook of Basic Income (with Louise Haagh). Jurgen was the co-convenor of the 2014 BIEN Congress in Montreal and a member of the local organising committee of the upcoming 2018 BIEN Congress in Tampere. He is a big fan of death metal and believes a basic income would provide much needed support for the underground music scene.

The views expressed in this Op-Ed piece are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the view of Basic Income News or BIEN. BIEN and Basic Income News do not endorse any particular policy, but Basic Income News welcomes discussion from all points of view in its Op-Ed section.

One comment

  • Over the months I have become aware of the encouraging reports on ‘BACIS INCOME,’ it’s successes and challenges, I commend you and your colleagues on the journey you are taking to bring more attention to the idea, It is an idea that can accomplish a great deal especially for those who are struggling for one reason or another to make things better for themselves and families.

    I am a mature adult, recovering from a heart attack, now in cardiac rehab. Two years ago I had a silent stroke and two years before a Thalamus stroke. Each one I have survived mainly because I am a fighter, regardless of the situation, I look at it as another of life’s many challenges. Of course excellent professional care, in which I am eternally grateful, is a big part of it. My health issues came about more so because of family history. Once I became aware of family history, in my teens, I made it a point to eat well and exercise and be as selective as possible with stress, sometimes difficult. life makes it’s own choices, regardless. My mother died when I was twelve, with the guidance she gave me, during the few short years she was in my life I used her directional guides to help plan my life. One of the instructions she gave me; when one of life’s challenges is presented take two days to cry or feel depressed, then wipe it off, the third day, begin to find a solution. I am at that stage again, trying to find a solution.

    Medical bills have depleted my saving’s and financial portfolio and because of the amount I receive from social security I cannot receive assistance from any agency to assist with basic living expenses including food stamps. As a veteran, I cannot receive a pension, for the same reason. Medicare pays for part of cardia rehab and pain management sessions, (I was diagnosis with Thalamus Pain Syndrome following the first stroke), no cure. I take blood injections (using my own blood) to reduce the pain and swelling that takes place in both feet until surgery. Surgery and rehab for the condition, Posterior Tibia Dysfunction, will take two years. My cardio rehab continues until May, 2018, I then begin the pain management series for the Thalamus Pain Syndrome. After Medicare makes payments I am still left with outstanding balances, I am drowning in medical bills.

    Why am I telling you this? I am one of thousands/millions of individuals, adult mature female’s especially, with the same problem one of the reason we need the Basic Income to be pushed as hard as possible. We would like to live and function better for ourselves and society, but, we need help. Desperately, I wish to start my own business, I like the independence. Because my credit is in a poor state, I am unable to obtain the funds through any institution, I hope to try CROWDFUNDING, for some of the funds needed, it is allowed in my state, that’s a big gamble. I am finishing my business plan. My professional background: medical/surgical tech, US. Army; office manager in a law firm in New York (15 years), credit manager, an upscale retailer, also NY, (5 years). Event planner/coordinator for a museum, NY, and Event Planner/coordinator contractor for a City of Seattle Mayor’s Senior Citizen Program. I have worked and attended college (twice) since age sixteen.

    Basic Income would provide me the initial income for my start-up, CROWDING FUNDING would give me enough to hire two people (to start) thus, create employment. My intent is within six months, sale the food product to catering companies and restaurants. The industry: food for the consumer who is concerned for their health, one single product, cooked differently with diverse cultural tastes. The method of cooking has never been done, publicity, I have been cooking it for years, at home. My research from the industries of food and food delivery service and Department of Agricultural allows me to believe it will be a very impressive and profitable business with above average customer service.

    There is no question, you have a long journey ahead, a great deal of work, I have no doubt you will be successful in accomplishing your goals. My request, be mindful of the number of individuals who have donated so much of their lives to making this world a better place who now need help to complete what ever goals they may have. As you are well aware, the mature adult communities have had to return to work or open businesses in droves, mainly because of the cost of living and medical care. To many have lost their homes for the same reason. Fortunately, many have been able to utilize their past experiences and challenges in the work place, they have not been wasted. As a country, the US, has a tendency of dismissing elders instead of embracing them as European countries do, thereby missing out on a great deal of experience and knowledge.

    If you are aware of any one or any organization willing to work with me to help me become the success I wish to be I would be very appreciative of your referral. A challenge and accomplishment for one is a challenge and accomplishment for all.

    Please put us on your agenda as part of you discussion at the upcoming conference.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

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