Universal basic income could work in Southeast Asia – but only if it goes to women

(left, front) Tamara Nair. Credit to: Rajaratnam School of International Studies


A form of basic income could be used to empower women in Southeast Asia, according to a recent article by Dr Tamara Nair. Writing for The Conversation, a news and feature-based website with approximately 5 million monthly users, Dr Nair explores the possibility of a basic income project that could be targeted exclusively towards women.

Dr Nair is a Research Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), which is part of the globally respected Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The NTU has been described as one of the world’s top universities by a number of major ranking systems, and has a focus upon original research.

In this article, Nair sets out a modified form of basic income that she believes could be used to lift women in Southeast Asia out of poverty, as well as reducing malnutrition in the area.

Dr Tamara Nair, “Universal basic income could work in Southeast Asia – but only if it goes to women”, The Conversation, 11 July 2017

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  • P K Jee

    UBI already targets women.But seeking to Target women only,when millions of others are also in poverty is unfair and will be viewed as such
    societies which are mostly patriachal will surely find ways to negate the new found financial freedom of women.This will be more marked in households where there are poor male adults.
    We must desist from such ideas which are less than fare and do not view people equally.UBI modified in such ways loose the essence of it.
    I have strong reservations for this idea.

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