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Universal Basic Income Examined by Futurism Blog

The Futurism blog, which describes itself as reporting on “the breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future”, has published a post on basic income as a response to increasing automation of the workplace.

Although universal basic income (UBI) is neither a technology nor a scientific discovery, Futurism’s FAQ page lists UBI as one of the topics that it is “particularly interested in.”

The article sets out the nature of basic income, explores arguments for and against it, lists a number of recent and upcoming experiments, and provides quotes from a number of supporters of UBI throughout history. It is written by Luke Kingma, Futurism’s Head of Creative and a former copywriter for companies such as Hasbro, Toyota and Warner Brothers.

Futurism has appeared in a list of top futurist blogs on Quora, a popular question-and-answer site. It states that it has approximately 200,000 subscribers to its regular newsletter.


More information at:

Luke Kingma, “Universal Basic Income: The Answer to Automation?,” Futurism, 22th April 2016

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  • Carlos Manuel Arias Moreno

    I disagree, money is a technology, like fire, wheels, language or press. UBI is a particular technology to make the 25th human rights article effective.

    Indeed, it would result absurd to declare UBI as a human right, because it is a tool.
    We can provide basic human needs and security with other technologies or scientific approaches such a Resource Based Economy.


  • You might be interested in my approach to a UBI for the US.

    By combining a Flat Tax with a UBI, the result is an efficient tax/welfare modification that is highly progressive.

    Here’s the link:



  • Not Carlos Manuel Arias Moreno

    Regardless of whether we agree on money being a technology, UBI is not money. UBI is stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

    Most people can see UBI is nothing but legalized theft.

  • Flash Henning

    Who owns (or should own) the wealth generated from slavery? Who owns the wealth generated from illicit activities?

    If my father stole from your father and I inherit that wealth, do I own it, or should you?

    You Libertarians are exceeding short-sighted with your claims regarding taxation as theft. The reality is that a welfare state exists. And not just for poor single mothers. Corporate welfare costs us FAR more than social welfare. It isn’t theft to demand a return on those investments.

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